Meet The Staff


Nursery – Miss Wilkinson

Reception – Miss Lloyd


Year 1 – Mrs Black

Michelle Black


Year 2 – Mrs Smith


Year 3 – Mrs Caldwell

Mrs Caldwell


Year 4 - Mrs Whitehouse

Mrs Whitehouse



Year 5 – Mrs Yates

Mrs Yates


Year 6 – MissFox

Miss Fox



EYFS – Mrs Barnett, Mrs Jones

Rebecca Barnett Mrs Jones


Year 1 – Mrs Young

Hayley Young


Year 2 – Mrs Moon

Jo Moon


Year 3 - Mrs Phillips

Lisa Phillips


Year 4 - Mrs Price

Nicky Price


Year 5 - Mrs Dicken and Mrs Pratlett

Jenny Dicken

Mrs Pratlett



Year 6 - Mrs Marsden


Additioal Support Staff: Mrs Edwards and Mrs Bardsley



Rachel Sayer
Broadlands School,
Home Cottages,
Broadlands Lane,
01432 266772/01432 357371


Office: Mrs Brown and Mrs Price


Lunch Time Supervisors: Mrs Edwards and Mrs Griffiths


Breakfast and After School Club: Mrs P Griffiths, Mrs Barnett and Mrs Jones



Mrs Griffiths

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